Mutt's webpage
Details about commission status and prices.
Frequently Asked Questions
Question What's the file type of the picture I'm going to receive?
Answer PNG.
Question Where is the file going to be hosted?
Answer Dropbox.
Question I've changed my mind about pose/character, can I still change it?
Answer Only if it's still in rough sketch stage.
Question Can I upgraded the quality or amount of characters?
Answer Yes, but make sure you ask first since I won't always be able to get extra work.
Question I've filled the form but you didn't contact me back, what should I do?
Answer I usually contact you back within 5 days. If I didn't contact you back, it's because I really won't be able to work on yours.
I get a considerable amount of requests, too many to reply to each individually, so just assume it's "no" if you haven't heard back within 5 days. Sorry!
Question I don't have the money for the commission now, can you hold my slot for a while?
Answer I usually can't, because there're other people wanting a commission aswell. If you need one or two weeks to get the money and the amount of forms isn't too big, then I totally can.

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me.